Great Lengths is a world leader in hair extensions, providing versatile, pre-bonded 100% human hair. Our hair is of guaranteed origin and ethicality, and can be used to add length, volume, colour or texture to transform your look. We have over 55 base colours to choose from and blend together as well as limited edition SS13 colours and Flowstrands, which combine two colours for a dip-dyed or ombré effect.

Using the finest quality hair we can confidently guarantee the source, origin, quality and ethicality of all hair used in the process. Our commitment to ethical practice sees the proceeds from the purchase of the hair go directly back into the local communities from where it originates – aiding the development of temples, medical services, schools and many other charitable concerns. We continually monitor the sourcing practice to ensure no hair is obtained from exploitative or unethical sources.

Focusing on quality, all Great Lengths hair is 100% human and 100% ethical. It is always sourced from temples in India where hair is voluntarily donated during a religious ritual known as ‘tonsuring’.

When I decided to do hair extensions in the salon ( back in 1997 when there were lots of hair extension systems coming onto the market) I had to find the ideal product. This was a time consuming task as so many did not live up to their claims. Not all the hair was 100% human, the bonding systems were glue based which penetrated the hair shaft causing damage and few colours available. Even now, with hair extensions being ever more popular these problems still exist.

After many trials GREAT LENGTHS HAIR EXTENSIONS emerged as the clear winner for many reasons including being certified 100% human hair, a polymer bond with a PH balance the same as your hair and at the time 55 colours in varying lengths giving great versatility and the ability to create highlights and lowlights or just a very natural look.
The results I get from using these extensions is fantastic . They enable me to create long and thick natural looking hair in wonderful condition.

The versatility of these extensions enable me to not only do full heads of hair but also repair sides of heads with breakages caused by blow drying and straighteners or maybe because of natural thinness on the sides. A point worth remembering – extensions are not always for length they can be used to make your own hair thicker. With my 16 years of experience I can solve most people’s concerns about their hair, changing their look and making them feel more confident about themselves; I offer a free consultation where we will discuss length, colour and choice of application, I.e. MULTISONIC or SINGLE STRAND application.

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